Passap Patterns

I have a list you published some time ago of the techniques and their Duo equivalents and the Electronic pattern book is available here:

Tech 256 corresponds with the Duo setting: BX<-/BX. Pushers on back bed in rest position to start. Deco on 4. Knit 2 rows with yarn, 2 rows without to drop stitches on front bed. The back bed needles knit for 2 rows, slip for 2 rows. To start with all stitches have to be transferred to back bed as stated in the pattern. From comparing the Electronic patterns with the patterns in the Deco book, I have found that:-
Pattern 1008 = Card 39
1010 = 119
1011 = 68
1012 = 140
1014 = 130
1017 = 259
1018 = 160
There is not a Deco equivalent for Pattern 1028 as it is a 16 stitch repeat. Other possible patterns for the Duomatic are those marked F in the punchcard book as the technique used is a variation of this setting. I also found that the garment shown in the magazine is Pattern 1012, not 1010. I hope this information might be useful for other Duomatic users. Your line-up for the coming months sounds really interesting and is something for us all to look forward to. Kind regards, Sue Pritchard