The Woven Skirt

Marianne Henio’s Woven Skirt is a great addition to your wardrobe and you can match it with existing jackets to create some snazzy suits! Why not jazz up your office wear! It’s knitted on a standard gauge punchcard machine and the yarn used is a 4-ply Bramwell Artistic Crepe with a mix of bouclé yarns to create the woven effect. You can use quite thick yarns for the weaving, even though it’s a standard gauge machine. The skirt is knitted sideways and this stops it from curling, as the outer edges don’t curl in knit-weave. The curl is actually sewn into the side seams, so the whole skirt lies flat. Prefect! This could be a great little project to use up some yarns in your stash, so why not mix some acrylics and fancy yarns and see what amazing fabric you can make. All those mixtures of colours mean the skirt will go with everything and it’s really fun to do, If you’d like to add The Woven Skirt to your wardrobe, click here!

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