September 2017 (Issue 236)




If you like quick and easy tops, our cover design is for you. You need a standard gauge machine and ribber plus some 4-ply yarn. We’ve our usual pattern selection for standard, LK-150 mid gauge and chunky models including instructions for converting all of the designs for knitting on standard gauge machine​s​. We’ve two designs from Alison Dupernex, as well as our usual mix including an Anne Baker Karabee design. Our regular features include Clubline and Dear Anne. When she hit the shops, Sally-Ann spotted some sassy season stretchers in Style File and we look at fancy raglan shaping in Part 24 of our major series for beginners. Bill King shows us how to produce crochet-type fabrics on a knitting machine and Iris Rowe’s fire fighter is hugely popular. He stands around 38 cm, 15 in tall. This month, Marianne Henio’s Designer Blog talks about how best to combine The Pear Shape with knitwear and it’s hats off again to Margaret Woodliff Wright, who transforms an old jumper into a work of art. We ​also ​include news, books and fashion plus special reader prices in our Book Review.

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Weight 185 g
Dimensions 320 × 230 × 4 mm


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