Dog Coats

I’m sure there was a machine knitted dog coat pattern in one of the magazines, but can’t remember how long ago. Can anyone help please? I’ve hundreds of magazines and I’ve a hand knitted pattern but none for machines. The dog is small about a large Yorkie or cairn terrier size.

I write out an index of the patterns that I find interesting.
Having checked there were patterns in the July Aug 07 and Sept 07 issues of MKM.
Hope these are what you are looking for
Regards Sue
Sue P
2011-03-15 11:09:45

Celia Ford

We are a Leicester Machine knitting Club and our demonstration machine needs to be serviced. I’d like to know approximately how much it would cost please.

Toyota Sponge Bar

Specifically, a Toyota 901 sponge bar – can anyone help please?



Please contact either Heathercraft Metropolitan Undy Yarncrafts or Uppingham Yarns because all of them can supply a sponge bar to fit your Toyota machine. They all welcome personal shoppers or offer mail order. Don’t forget to mention the make and model number when ordering.

2009-04-06 15:38:00
Have you tried BSK?

They have an Ebay shop and used to stock Toyota spares at one time.

Knitmaster sponge bars are the same width as the one from the Toyota 901 so you could try using one of those instead.

Don’t buy one for a Brother machine as they are too wide.

We usually buy ours at Knitting Machine shows – they are usually cheaper at the shows and it saves on postage costs.

2009-06-04 10:38:19
I bought a knitmaster Sponge bar at the nottingham show and it fits perfectly thankyou to all for the help given I just need to find the time to do the knitting now I find that the toyota 901 knits beautifully especially the lace (I have always ben a jones knitter )I was given this machine including the intarsia and lace carriages and the only piece of equipment that I am having trouble with now is the knit tracer(equivalant to the jones knit leader) I have looked inside but cannot see why it won’t work I have been a knitter for nearly 30 years so will sort it out somehow. Celia
2011-01-02 18:13:59