January update

Dear Readers

Each year I’ve to finish this issue long before I’ve looked at a mince pie, so let me remind you of one or two things which may slip through the net. The first is a note from Jean Richardson to let us know that starting in the New Year, members of Bromsgrove MKC will meet on the third Saturday afternoon of each month, instead of a Thursday. You’ll find all the details in Clubs Directory on Page 59.

Now a note to reassure you that Claire Newberry hasn’t deserted her many devotees. After her exciting trip to Italy last month and wonderful tales from Bologna, she’s taking a well-earned break. Her popular DesignaKnit feature will return next time and don’t forget that Patreon is a new way to connect with Claire. For a small subscription fee, you’ll have access to recorded tuition on beginner DesignaKnit topics. Replay them at leisure as many times as you wish and she’s adding new recordings all the time. Look for Patreon.com and the page is Claire Newberry’s Knitting School.

I now need to give you very grateful thanks from Brenda Bristow at Heathercraft. You’ll remember that last month we looked back at the life of her husband Doug, who had passed away and Brenda writes: “Thank you so much for your lovely tribute to Dougie and I’m attaching a thankyou letter to you, which I’d love you to put on your ‘Dear Anne’ page, if possible. It’s to let people know that I’m continuing with the shop on my own, with the help of other members of the family”. As Brenda’s letter arrived just before this issue went to the printer and we’d finished the whole magazine including Dear Anne, here’s what Brenda would like you to know.

“My dear Anne, thank you for your wonderful tribute to my dear Dougie, he would have been very touched by it. I was moved by all the wonderful cards and letters of condolences from everyone and I thank each one of you. Doug leaves a big gap in all our lives, but I intend to continue to run Heathercraft Machine Knitting Centre. It will be with the help of my family to assist where needed, although there will be a few gaps which will be difficult to fill. However, we will do our best for everyone. Thank you one and all for bringing back such wonderful memories of the shows that I had forgotten. Very best wishes, Anne, to you and all your readers and wishing you good luck for a successful New Year. Love from Brenda, Alan and Peter”

I’ll bring you more news of Brenda’s plans for Heathercraft next time and let’s now look forward to a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead for us all.

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