November Update

Dear Readers

At this time of the year, we’ve six weeks to go before turning ourselves into the kitchen’s Dream Queen, though there’s still time to do a bit of festive knitting. As Joan Lafferty used to say: “I don’t know what all the fuss is about, it’s only a roast dinner”! One thing’s for sure; if we run out of time, most goodies will be buy one, get two free by then and Easter eggs will be on promotion!

The best quick ‘n’ easy idea I’ve seen in a long time is a removable Santa motif that’s the brainchild of Carole Dunkerley. For several years, she’s delighted us with last-minute makes and this year is no exception. Ten minutes at the machine is all you need, to turn any sweater, even a bought one, into a Christmas jumper. Carole made a small one for a baby’s jumper and with a bit more time you could knit a matching back and make a small toy to pop in a stocking. Add one to the ends of a scarf, a hat, or perhaps turn a pillowcase into a Santa Sack. You could also go to town on an LK-150 or chunky machine and knit a splendid giant size. The joy of it is that when the festivities are over, the stitching is quickly undone to leave a perfectly wearable garment throughout the year. It’s a great idea and thank you Carole for sharing it with us. We also need to thank Diane, for writing to us with her similar idea in Dear Anne.

If Santa’s not your style, then we’ve lots to whet your appetite this month. Barbara Faulkner, Susan Guagliumi and Bill King share some super ideas and Claire Newberry digs deep into the DAK programme for a tool that’s hidden away. Karin Rogalski starts a new series to keep us warm on a budget and Dee Crew turns Card 1 into a crochet-look braid. Iris Rowe makes a welcome return to Toy Box and Stash Box has a much-loved Pippin Design from Ruth Cox. It’s our usual mixed bag that I hope you’ll enjoy.

As I was on the point of sending this to the printer, I had a phone call and I’ve been dithering about whether or not to mention the conversation. Knowing there’s only the time and space for a short message in this issue, I must let you all know that the call was from Brenda Bristow. She told me the very sad news that her husband Doug has died. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year and the two of them grew Heathercraft into one of machine knitting’s long-standing, flagship names. For the time being Heathercraft will continue trading, though Brenda will need some time and space in the immediate future to readjust. I’ll bring you more news next time, but I know you’ll join me in sending our sincere condolences to Brenda, their two sons and all members of the family.

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