Bramwell 4 ply and tension square!

Hi Sue
Don’t waste time trying to match tensions exactly I don’t think it can be done! I have never been able to!.
Knit a sample using different stitch sizes and choose the one which feels right and looks right.
Using this stitch size knit your tension swatch remove from machine roll it up and gently stretch it lengthways and allow it to rest preferably overnight.
Now measure 40 sts and 60 rows. The Green Ruler is very useful here. Say you feel T 7 is right with 30s/35r to 10 cm.
From the measurements given on the pattern diagram you can work out how many sts to cast on and how many rows to knit how many sts to decrease etc. If you need to cast on for a width of say 44cm you would multiply 22 by 3 for the number of sts – 132. Say the length is 45cm you multiply 45 by 3.5 for the number of rows – this comes to 157.5 so you round it up to 158.
You may well find the numbers closely correspond to some of those written in the pattern in which case you can use the ones that match even if they are from different sizes.
Hope this helps you
Sue too.
Sue P
2010-04-16 08:31:12
Many thanks Sue will give this a try!
2010-04-22 19:41:16