Knitmaster Lace Carriage

Before I came to Australia (1992) it was brilliant but since 1992 I haven’t used it, it has remained tucked up in it’s little box, until recently when I got quite excited about it and decided to give it a go. (A granddaughter on the way!) I will attach two photos of just two of my many attempts with it to show the extra holes! I have a new needle retaining bar so that isn’t the problem. No matter how careful I am, checking and re-checking all the settings etc., the results are the same and extra stitches get thrown off resulting in an unwanted hole. The yarn I used was just a soft 4-ply acrylic. The extra holes aren’t usually in the same spot either, so I can’t blame a dodgy needle. If anyone out there can come up with a reason I will be eternally grateful.