Garter carriage help needed, please

I have garter carriage KG-95 with a Brother 950i machine. I’m having difficulties getting started for the auto cast on. The Instruction Book says: “990 men button/men button insert 901 m” but the machine won’t accept 901 and the error light keeps coming up. This makes it a problem for the garter carriage to operate the cast on row. Also on the garter carriage when it’s operating, the slide No. 3 keeps changing and this changes the direction of the knitting. Can someone please help me? I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and would appreciate any advice. Many thanks.

2 thoughts on “Garter carriage help needed, please

  1. Hi
    I recently found out there’s a mistake in the manual and you use 537 not 901.
    Hope this helps

  2. I switch on pattern, use m 537 m which takes you to the first row and that’s all you need to do. I got confused with the instruction book and had the same problem as you. Hope this helps, Judy

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