Help for American and Canadian knitters

If you live in the USA or Canada, you might like to know that we ​send out copies from the UK, but we also also ​offer a bespoke service. Dorothy and Bernie Rosman are our distributors for the USA and Canada and they look after all our readers personally. They sell new Silver Reed knitting machines, used Brother, Knitking, Studio and Silver Reed models as well as carrying many needed parts for Brother, Studio, Singer and Silver Reed knitting machines. Machine Knitting Monthly can be ordered direct from and they also distribute Machine Knitting Monthly by subscription or single copies.


2 thoughts on “Help for American and Canadian knitters

  1. I have a Brother KH940 and am looking for help with a jammed “Change Knob”. I have totally cleaned the carriage and taken the plastic cover off. It appears two small black springs have become disconnected and I cannot tell exactly where each end of the springs go. Can you help me or refer me to someone who can?

    1. Hi Morna
      One of the highly respected guys who knows a thing or two about Brother machines, ribbers, accessories, machine maintenance and restoration is Tom in Las Vegas. He’s one of our Knitting Buddies and you can email him at

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