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Hi there, I have just bought a secondhand Brother KH881 knitting machine with ribber (I’ve used a Passap many moons ago) and am trying to convert a hand-knit pattern for a beret for a toy. The hand-knitting pattern is: Cast on 54 sts, knit 6 rows in k1 p1 rib. Next row: K3 inc in next stitch, then k2 inc in next stitch across the row to the end. Then knit around 16 rows, then decrease the top by k5 k2tog across the row, purl one row, then K4 k2tog across the row, purl one row etc. etc. until about 8 sts left. I have tried doing the rib on the machine, taking off with waste yarn, and putting back with the increasings which took ages, but then, when I tried the top bit it was just so so fiddly I gave up. Can someone help me with how to make this beret please ? I make little toys from socks, called SOCKIES and one of my best sellers is the camouflage army ones, but it is very time consuming knitting all the hats, but so far, the machine I bought hasn’t helped me, so getting a bit upset about it all ! Thanks, Julie

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  1. That pattern would be knitted faster by hand the way it is. So, the way I knit a hat like that is flat and sideways, all increases and decreases on one side only. You can pre-knit the band and leave it on the machine with all but one needle on the R hand side out of work, putting the next needle into working position for a new row.
    Use graph paper to help visualize the pattern, one square/”. I know this sounds nuts but I use it all the time when making hats since 1990. Email me to clear up the areas I know I’m being vague on. I’m not a very good typist.

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