Where should I start?

Where should I start? What is the best route for an absolute beginner? Your advice would be so helpful.


Hi Maggie
My advice would be to start with a basic punchcard model to get used to how the machine works. Once you understand the basic workings and how the machine knits the different stitches you can then decide whether you feel the need to upgrade. I have knitted on a puchcard machine for years and produced some lovely garments.

I would try and find a club near to you as well where you can pop along and have a chat to people already knitting. Most clubs have a machine and there is nearly always someone willing to show new starters the basics.

I enjoy passing on my knowledge to other knitters as do many others who enjoy the craft and I hope this helps.

Please reply if I can help any further.

2011-12-02 19:33:20
Hi Maggie

Please e-mail Anne at the magazine and let her know where you live. We’re sure she can set you on the right road.

2009-04-06 15:44:11
Hi Maggie
Machine Knitting is a lovely pastime and brings out your creative side. I have been machine knitting for about 2 years and I’m self taught because there are no clubs in my area regretfully. I started on the Silver Reed LK150 mid gauge which is a nice easy machine to master. I now have a Silver Reed SK280 and find it a lovely machine to work on. I bought several basic books on eBay which I found very helpful and still refer to them. MKM is an excellent learning tool well worth buying each month. Hope this gives you some encourgagement to have a go.
Kind regards
2011-12-02 19:30:44
Hi Maggie
Hopefully by now you’ve been able to work out how to use these wonderful machines. I’m very new to machine knitting and I have a Brother 950i with attachments. I trawled through eBay when I got my machine this year and found tapes and discs that were tutorial. The ones I found really good were by Barbara Stubbs. She teaches really clearly and the filming is very good so you can actually see everything she’s doing. I got mine on eBay and keep referring to them.
Kind regards
2011-12-02 19:32:59
Hi Maggie
I have found the Diana Sullivan tutorial videos are extreamly good – just google ‘diana natters’.
Kind regards
2011-12-02 19:28:53