July 2024 (Issue 318) with Bill King’s All-In-One design

The cover design on our full-colour July 2024 issue is a slouchy, relaxed-fit sweater with long drapey sleeves. This month we’ve a Carl Boyd man’s design that hasn’t been published before, along with our usual mix of patterns for standard, mid-gauge and chunky machines. Our highlight is one of Bill King’s original ‘wedge’ tops knitted from the start of one cord to the end of the other. You’ll spot a photo of the top on the front cover. The only making-up is to sew the two ends back into the cord. Bill King also knits some intriguing but relatively easy fabrics in Masterclass. Alison Dupernex and Susan Guagliumi (https://susan-guagliumi.teachable.com/) are our constant help and support. We often see techniques we like, but discover they’re not for our machine, so try patterned tuck stitch on any machine including four needles tucking side by side! Joan Lafferty makes a welcome return and Claire Newberry (www.patreon.com) is back in her studio. This month we’re test knitting our personal fitting pattern in Part 4 of a mini series with Ruth Horrocks and we’ve all the usual help and advice, news and reviews.

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