Giving the machine needles a bath!

Hi Anne, Just like to say thanks to the people who responded to my queries about the garter carriage, and also to ask those of us who hoard old magazines if they can help me.

Many years ago (wouldn’t like to say how many) I remember reading an article in a machine knitting magazine by one of the regular contributors (it may even have been our own Joan Lafferty) about giving your knitting machine a jolly good spring clean. In it she described taking out all the needles and giving them a bath in some sort of spirit to get rid of all the hard accumulated oil.

I returned from Bournemouth (jolly good time had by both me and my husband – really enjoyed it) fired by the need to get my knitting room (the loft) sorted out and one machine put away and the other one thoroughly cleaned. I looked for the above article but couldn’t find it and came to the conclusion that in my last turn-out I must have chucked it.

My query is does anyone remember that article and who it was by? It went into cleaning in some depth – much more than your usual thorough clean.

I found some American demonstrations on YouTube, but the things they did to their machines seem a bit scary to me. I’d be bound to lose things!

Can anyone help?

Mary L