How to make an i-cord on an SK860

I’ve been unable to set the carriage so that it knits in one direction only. The only option I’ve discovered is to slide the release lever each time I want to return to the knit row. This seems to be a clumsy way to achieve one directional knitting. Can anyone help please and thanks in anticipation.

Hi Veridian
I don’t know if this will help or not – it depends if your carriage is similar to the older Knitmaster machines. Mary Weaver gives the settings for cord knitting in her Technology and Patterns. For Knitmaster the Left Side Lever is set to the Circle mark and the Right Side Lever is set to the Triangle with the carriage set to Slip. I hope this helps a bit Regards Sue.
Sue P
2016-01-27 19:43:29
I’m sending this confirmation for the benefit of other people who may also read this several years after the original posting – as I did. I tried this technique on my Knitmaster 155 Chunky and it worked fine. The only thing is that you need to completely remove any punchcard in the reader first so that it doesn’t pick up any settings. I forgot the first time and a 1×1 card picked up alternate stitches on the slip row and knitted them! Kind regards Lyn
2016-01-27 19:42:44