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I’ve tried setting the upper tension tighter and looser, cleaning the brushes, using thinner yarns, changing the brushes to rubber wheels and I’ve checked to make sure none of the gate pegs are bent. I’ve resorted to hand pulling the yarn every single time I move the carriage from right to left to prevent the long loops. Does anyone have a suggestions as to how to fix the problem?
Nancy Basler

Hi Nancy
I have experienced this problem when I had a Brother machine and to a lesser extent on my Toyota. First check that the right sinker plate is adjusted properly – there are screws underneath to alter its alignment.

One knitter solved it by removing the brush on the side that was forming loops. That seems a bit drastic but as you have tried just about everything else you might find that this works for you too.

Hope you manage to overcome this annoying problem.

Sue P
2011-05-04 18:46:56
Hi Sue
Thanks for your advice regarding the yarn getting caught on the gate pegs. I looked carefully at the sinker plate and saw some screws but am not sure how to adjust them. I have carefully watched the carriage as it moves from left to right and can see no difference from one side to the other but am not positive what exactly I should be looking for. Do you have any advice on how to adjust the sinker plate? Thanks again
Nancy Fancy
2011-05-16 21:37:10
Hi Nancy
If you look up from underneath the carriage the sinker plates on each side should be the same distance from the gate pegs. You would only need to make an adjustment if they were out of line.
If you do need to re-adjust it loosen the screws a little – enough to be able to move the sinker plate. Move it a little and re-tighten the screws. The sinker plates are usually flush with the front of the sinker plate assembly and parallel to it.
I have just thought of something else. Does your take up spring have enough ‘spring’ in it? They can lose their spring as they get old and this could cause problems. They are easy to replace if this is the problem.
Sue P
2011-05-17 16:11:51
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