Knitting Machine Accessories

Please does anybody know where I can obtain an instruction manual or book on how to use the Knit Radar? I’m also looking for the stitch scales for the Knitmaster 360 machine. Does anybody know where I can obtain them? I saw one advertised on this site but there’s no way of knowing whether it will be suitable for my machine. I’ll be grateful if anybody can help.
Thanks, Fred

Hi Fred If you google knitting machine + manuals there are some out there. Good luck!


P.S. Is it a half size radar ?

2011-05-04 11:27:27
Hello Fred

As long as the stitch scales are for Knitmaster/Silver Reed they should be compatible with your machine.
Such items are often available on eBay or try the advertisers in MKM.
Hope you manage to find what you are looking for.

Sue P
2011-04-20 15:13:42