Nm 2/60 and 3/80 – what does it mean?

My friend and I decided to open a small boutique, selling cashmere apparel for women. As I mentioned we are beginners in this area, so I have one question regarding the yarn and specifically about the count. Many suppliers offer us different kinds of yarn like Nm 2/60, 3/80 and so on but we don’t understand which one is the best for us?! We have flat machine 5 and we will use one and more plies for our apparel. My question is what does it mean Nm 2/60 (numbers and letters)? How should we choose the yarn so it is good for our flat machine?! Thanks in advance for your help!
Regards, Marina

Hi Marina

Yarn counts are very confusing but I’ll try to help.

The Nm stands for ‘normal metric’ – which is based on 1 000 metres of yarn per kilogram.

The first number refers to the number of strands plied together.

The second number tells you how many hanks of 1 000 metre lengths of a single ply of the yarn would weigh one kilogram. The higher the second number the finer the yarn. The numbers you have mentioned equate to very fine yarns.

You might find this web page useful: http://www.aboutknittingmachines.com/YarnandWeightSystems.php

Hope this is helpful

Sue P
2012-11-23 12:41:42
Sue thank you very much! 🙂 It really helped me! Have a nice day! 🙂
2013-01-27 18:30:35