Passap Stitch Pattern Software

In PKMJ 39 Alice reviewed ‘KnitPad’, a Windows program written by Doug Webb, which contains all the Passap stitch patterns for both the E6000 and the Deco. The Deco patterns are stored in a section of the program called KnitPick which opens in KnitPad. Although the 3 and 4 colour patterns are in a format which the E6000 can read, it would not be too difficult to re-configure them as a punchcard. I have been looking for templates for the Deco patterns numbered from 21-100 for quite a while, without success, so when I saw this information I thought I’d see if it was still available. The original Website is no longer accessable but a search on Google for ‘doug webb knitpad’ took me to: from where I was able to download the KnitPad program. Not only does this program have all the Passap stitch patterns stored in grid form with the facility to print copies but there is also a section where one can design one’s own stitch patterns and save them. The grid provided has a total size of 179 stitches by 200 rows but for designing 40 stitch punchcards you can place a marker on the 40th column and work within that boundary. I can see this simple program being most useful and thought I would share this information as I’m sure other readers will find it useful too.
Sue Pritchard