Brother KL116 Knit Leader

The feeding lever is too far from the carriage for the rows to register and even doing it manually, the forward feed seems to be about a quarter turn at a time but I can do a reverse easily. I have taken it apart and nothing seems to be broken or worn and I’ve looked on youtube to see if there’s a picture of its usage, but no. Do I abandon this part of my machine, although it seems like a very good idea.
Can anybody help please?

I’ve had the same sort of problem. My husband managed to bend it forward to the right position but now it only rotates right to left properly but left to right only goes about quarter turn. I’ve not used it for 13 years and have just got it out of the loft. I’ve put it down to wear and tear and I’m trying to find a cheap one to replace it as the dial is cracked and it’s missing the clutch button. It does sound in a sorry state doesn’t it. I know all this doesn’t help you but at least you know that someone else is in the same position.
2011-08-30 11:47:11