Country Knitting of Maine

Linda Williams publishes the Country Knitting of Maine News & Magazine and she’d like to let International friends know that her magazine is now only available direct through her. If you’ve been buying it elsewhere, please get in touch with Linda at for a full update. With the recent changes, Linda has decided to make the current issue available as a PDF file. This means you can now print it in full colour or use it direct from your computer. If you don’t have a computer the magazine will still be published in the usual printed format. Linda tells us the PDF file will be available on each issue for 60 days and then the next issue will become the current PDF version. Back issues will not be available as PDFs, but you can always order printed copies. Contact Linda direct at Country Knitting Of Maine, 351 White Schoolhouse Road, Madison, ME 04950-3202, USA or check out her website at

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