July 2021 (Issue 282) with designs by Bill King and Beverley Ward, the name behind In-Ex

Our full-colour July 2021 issue has an easy summer top on the cover, with all the colours of the rainbow in just one ball. We’ve our usual mix of designs and we always tell you how to knit all our patterns on standard gauge machines. This month, Designer Special shines the spotlight on two of our top designers with their original designs for standard gauge machines. We’ve a new Bill King design, as well as a sideways-knitted shadow-pleated top from Beverley Ward, the name behind In-Ex. We’ve a quick and easy top for Passap machines and Iris Rowe has knitted more animals to fill her Noah’s Ark. Susan Guagliumi has free downloads for everything you need for machine knitting and Nina Miklin has a great yarn offer. We take a comprehensive look at the Brother KA-8300 transfer carriage and Joan Lafferty bends the rules with some personal techniques that worked for her. Sally-Ann Carroll has some great summer looks for anyone who can get away, or stay at home for a break. If you thought you knew how to knit cables, I guarantee that Bill King will open your eyes a little wider!There’s always lots of help and advice in Dear Anne plus news, reviews and club details for lots of ideas and inspiration.

3 thoughts on “July 2021 (Issue 282) with designs by Bill King and Beverley Ward, the name behind In-Ex

  1. just wondering how does one subscribe or obtain a copy of this magazine.

    1. Hi Shane
      Thanks for asking and all you need to do is go to the shop. You’ll find all the magazines listed, together with subscriptions.
      Happy knitting, Anne

  2. Thanks

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