June update

Dear Readers

One way or another there’s been lots going on this month and my first mention has to be the time, effort and energy my friend Irene Krieger is devoting to raising funds to fight a special type of cancer. Each week I speak to many of you, either having to overcome problems of one sort or another or losing your nearest and dearest. As you’ll read on Page 10, Irene’s story is remarkable and if you’ve access to a computer, please visit her website at https://beads4research.com/. I so wish I still had her as a Passap designer, but hugely admire the wonderful work she’s doing for such a worthy cause. To put life and its troubles in perspective, I’ve never forgotten something Irene said years ago: “A brain surgeon looks the same as a labourer when they’re in T-shirt and shorts, lining up for the toilet”. It may make you smile, too, when you’re struggling to get by.

Bill King isn’t a brain surgeon, but he has to be our ‘boy wonder’ this month. No electronics, no patterning devices, just a couple of basic tools… and a steady hand, of course! We’ve included his photos and it somehow brings the knitting to life, in much the same way that Susan Guagliumi shows us how to manipulate stitches. This month Alison Dupernex shares the second of her trio of designs using slip stitch. It’s a much neglected technique but if you’d like to learn and use it more, there’s a substantial section devoted to it in her book Machine Knitting: Designing With Colour. Machine knitting has some real stars and it’s such a joy to share their incredible knowledge in the magazine.

One thing that’s surprised me a little is the struggle many of you have had to understand the diagrams in last month’s Show & Tell. We routinely insert a card in the machine, lock it on Row 1 and release it when we’re ready to knit the pattern. It often doesn’t matter if our knitting isn’t quite in the centre of the machine, but once in a while it’s vital and this is one such time. To help many readers, I’ve written out in words what you have to do to knit last month’s tuck stitch edgings and it’s on Page 13.

Finally, with no fuss and few words, I’m letting you know that a very dear friend, for more years than I can remember, has died. His wife Freda called to tell me that Dennis Wright, champion of circular sock machines, has passed away. He asked me for no fuss in the magazine so, to respect his wishes, I’ll quietly say: “Rest in peace, Dennis, I’ll miss you”. Until next month, let’s hope the sun will have his hat on!

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