September 2018 – Issue 248

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This is September 2018 and our latest issue.

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Open Spaces

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Open spaces

Susan Guagliumi’s ‘book that would not end’ is finished. As the cover says, there are chapters on eyelets, ladders and slits and these huge open spaces are very different from a bit of hand-tooled lace. Many samples will produce gorgeous garments, but definitely need to be worn over something if you’d prefer not to be arrested! The book is 8.5 x 11 in and by increasing the size it saved about 40 pages, which translates into lower costs. There are 225 pages with over 300 inspirational swatch photos and charts. We’ve not seen such diverse possibilities of eyelets, slits and ladders in all their extremes and variations. Susan has also included photos of fabulous garments by some of her favourite designers and the designs are awesome. Written in the style we all know, the book is suitable for owners of all brands and every gauge of knitting machine.

Looking through the book, we can see the way a machine-knitter’s mind works. Bill King often reminds us that by changing one factor we stumble upon something new and much more interesting. What if I knit more or less rows between repeats? What if I try it with an odd or even number of stitches? What if I cross the stitches in the same direction, or alternate it? There are a huge number of charts, swatches and photos and Matthew Bragg at Softbyte came to the rescue with DesignaKnit. It cut Susan’s time massively, using the pre-designed symbols and grids. There are no garments, but free patterns are on her website. The patterns, swatch photos and how-to videos on her blog will whet your appetite and all details are at

News for clubs

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Subject to distance, Dave and Jason from The Wool Cabin are happy to come to your club meeting and give a general talk about their life in the knitting world. They’ll also bring a selection of machine and hand knitting yarns for you to buy at special club discount prices. Fancy a day out? Why not visit them at Chesterfield Market Hall? You’ll find them at Unit 12 in the indoor section. Don’t forget they sell Wendy, Twilleys, Robin, King Cole, Stylecraft, JC Brett and Opal. Please mention the magazine and they’ll give you their best prices on the day.

The Yarn Cabin, Unit 12 (Indoor), Chesterfield Market Hall, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S40 1AR

Tel 07553-847483

Email and please put The Wool Cabin in the subject box


Massive sale this weekend

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The Makery has decided to close their shop in Bath and move it all online. They’ll still be running all the workshops and it will give them more energy to develop their workshops, parties and events. They’ve had a week’s crazy packing in the shop and have decided to have a MASSIVE archive sale this weekend! Literally everything in the sale must go, so they’ve slashed prices by up to 80%! They’ve included sewing machines, fabric, haberdashery, furniture, loads of vintage finds and more so go early to grab the best bargains!

Opening times are Saturday 28th July 10.00 am to 1.00 pm
Sunday 29th July 10.30 am to 4.00 pm
The Makery is at 19 Union Passage, Bath BA1 1RD

Word search

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Dear Anne

From cast off to purlpincushion to tack, there are many words associated with knitting.  As part of the Oxford English Dictionary’s 90th birthday celebrations, we have a host of fun initiatives taking place, including a number of public word appeals.  Our latest appeal focuses on expanding the dictionary’s coverage of the language of hobbies and we would be delighted if you and your readers could help us.

A number of knitting terms are, of course, already included in the dictionary.  For example, we have recently added an entry for FROG (to pull apart a piece of knitting in order to rework it, current earliest date 1996) and are monitoring the word STASH (one’s store of wool or fabric, current earliest date 1992).

We would love your readers to tell us the words they use when they describe a particular technique or a slang and colloquial expression that has arisen in the knitting community.  How do your readers use these words?  Perhaps they have evidence of earlier usage?  What new words and phrases are coming into use?

Words can be suggested via our online submissions form or the hashtag #hobbywords.

Best wishes

Kate Shepherd

July 2018 – Issue 246

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Clair Crowston used a garter carriage for her summer top and some tuck stitch patterns give the same classy texture. It’s knitted in Yeoman Panama 4-ply and this popular blend washes like a dream and knits easily to any 4-ply pattern. If you order a latest issue and subscription bundle, we’ll send you this issue and your August 2018 magazine will be mailed out on Thursday 5th July.

June 2018 – Issue 245

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This is our June 2018 magazine but July 2018 has gone out to subscribers and just been delivered from the printer, so it’s now our latest issue, officially on sale on 14th June. If you order a latest issue and subscription bundle, we’ll send you July and your August 2018 magazine will be posted on Thursday 5th July. Look out for the cover and all the July details next week.