October update

Dear Readers

Autumn is a busy time of year, as we settle down to some serious knitting and, with perfect timing, Yeoman Yarns has a fabulous offer for us. From 5th to 31st October, we can save 10% on all our yarn purchases from Yeoman Yarns. It’s a huge saving, but you need to use the code MKM10 with no spaces and typing a zero ‘0’ not a capital ‘O’. Do fill any gaps now, as the code won’t work outside of these dates. It’s also not one of those offers that runs on… and on… and never ends. When it’s gone, it’s gone!

I caught up with Nic Corrigan at the Machine Knit Community recently and felt so envious of the 16 machine knitters who spent six days on a Machine Knitting Retreat in West Yorkshire. The organisation was lots of hard work for Nic and her team, but the camaraderie made it a really special time for everyone. You can read all about it in Clubline on Page 10 and the Machine Knit Community is a very special place. You’ll find full details at www.machineknit.community

Saving on fuel for economy and ecology has been a topic for some time and dressing warmly instead of cranking up the heating is something we can all do. Karin Rogalski has been working on some new ideas because, as she reminds us, mittens or gloves covering our fingertips are none too practical for doodling on a smartphone! Her designs for keeping our hands and wrists warm will include all machines, with or without patterning devices or ribbers. Her mini-series will start next month, so it’s time to head for your stash! If you turn to Dear Anne on Page 12, you’ll see a letter Karin sent, letting us know about Sue from Knit It Now. Sue is collecting data about machine knitting clubs and tells us how every UK club could be highlighted on the map. To put your mind at rest, she uses a secure way to pass on the information without disclosing personal details, so do check it out at www.knititnow.com

Also in Dear Anne I’ve included a special request for anyone who might have a ribber to sell for a Brother KH260. A while ago I worked with Sally on a charitable project and she generously gave away lots of her machines and accessories to a very worthy cause. Yes, you’ve guessed, she’s now in need of a ribber herself. If you can help, please give me a call and I’ll put you in touch. By now, you all know my reluctance to launch into Christmas when this issue goes to press in September. However, I promise to include lots of seasonal ideas and patterns next month so, until then, happy knitting our way.

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