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Dear Readers

Just a few days ago, I was really pleased to have a long chat with David Hampson, known to some of us as The Woolman, but to many more as one of The Wool Cabin father and son team at Chesterfield Market. You might remember that David had to stop trading at Glossop Outdoor Market at the end of last year and only just got through the day at our Nottingham Show in April, greatly helped by Jason. David has struggled with his health for a long time and he’s finally had surgery to ‘make a new man of him’ after doctors decided he needed a complete knee replacement. He has home help and rediscovered the joys of public transport as he can’t yet drive, but the worst is over and he’s well on the road to recovery. In the meantime he’s resting his leg on a ‘bouncy castle’ of packs of yarn, which he’s been unable to sell whilst he’s been laid up. All of it has to go, to make way for new autumn lines. Therefore, if you’re looking for rock-bottom prices, call David on 07854-121067 but I’d leave it until after 10.00 am to give him time to get up and face a new day. You can also email or pop along to see Jason at The Wool Cabin in Chesterfield Market Hall for his own selection of seasonal bargains. In the meantime, we wish David a speedy and lasting recovery and hope to see him at our Bournemouth Show on 5th October.

            As we all know, Carol and Mark Hocknell have both suffered from serious health problems in recent times, which will prevent them continuing to run Metropolitan as a shop and popular centre for courses and machine-knitting events. We’re all looking forward to Tony Bennett’s workshops at the beginning of September, before Carol and Mark’s lives change direction. However, my exciting news this month is that we’re not saying good-bye to this much-loved and well-known name just yet. I’ll have a great update for you next month, so don’t miss the October issue for some fabulous news. Until then, happy reading and knitting!


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