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Dear Anne

I thought I’d send you the sock pattern our club has been using. We’re making socks, hats, bonnets and cardigans for our local SCBU. I’ve enjoyed knitting tiny garments and all the nurses are so grateful. The socks are a big hit, as they stay on! I use 4-ply acrylic and find it washes well in hot water. Seeing the pattern for the prem baby cardigan in the April issue, gave me the push to drop you a line. Thank you so much to Phoebe for sharing your pattern with us all. Yours sincerely, Dorothy

Four ply baby’s sock

Using MY and Tension 0, cast on 15 sts at left and right of centre 0 in 1×1 rib. Set RC at 000. Using Tension 1, K 10 rows in rib. Transfer sts for stocking stitch. Set RC at 000. Using Tension 6, K 10 rows. * Push 15 Ns at left to HP and cont on rem 15 sts at right. Push 1 N to HP at same side as carriage on next 10 rows. 5 sts rem in WP in centre. Push 1 N back to UWP at same side as carriage on next 10 rows *. Cancel hold and with all Ns knitting, K 12 rows. Rep from * to * once more then using WY, K a few rows and release from machine. Unravelling WY as required, graft toe stitches.

You might like to know that if you double up all the stitches and rows in the baby’s sock pattern, it makes bed socks for the elderly in care!

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  1. Hello Anne I’ve got a 860 silver reed mid gaudge knitting machine the tension you put on your patterns for mid gaudge patterns aren’t the same as my 860 I’ve found a pattern for my 860 machine in December 2003 is there any chance you. Could include a pattern now and again in mag I’ve not seen one for this machine thanks for the mag I look forward to it every month thank you Jill Goddard please can you answer my comment in mag

    1. Hi Jill
      Thanks for writing and please don’t worry. Your Silver Reed 860 is a mid gauge machine and we’ve included hundreds of patterns for mid gauge machines in the magazine.

      The LK-150 is the most basic knitting machine around and your super-duper SK-860 electronic will knit almost anything. If you have the ribber, the joy for you is that you don’t have to knit ribs by hand. LK-150 knitters have no option, as a ribber is not available. Both machines, however, are still mid gauge models. As you’ve read in Dear Anne, tensions on the LK-150 vary considerably and your 860 has exactly the same potential for variation.

      I suggest you do what I did. My machine knits from a standard hand knitting tension of 5 stitches and 7 rows to an inch around Tension 3, to the classic chunky tension of 7 stitches and 10 rows to two inches at Tension 10. Once you know the Tension Dial setting on your machine for these two standard hand-knitting tensions, that will always be your starting point for knitting any mid-gauge pattern.

      As you’ve requested, I’ll also include this in the magazine and perhaps elaborate a little.

      Best wishes and happy knitting, Anne

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