Help! I need a machine knitter

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Hi Anne

Help! I need a machine knitter to make a chenille man’s sweater my daughter has designed for Uni. I have the wool and I’m obviously happy to pay for the knitting. I also have all the measurements and a rib knit sample. Can someone help with this please and the deadline is the end of April.

Thanks, Debbie.

Reset a Brother 881 for Fair Isle

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We’ve had a really interesting query, which may help other Brother knitters. A reader asked: “I’ve come back to machine knitting after a long gap and can’t recall what setting to use on my Brother 881 to reset the pattern for Fair Isle, tuck and so on such as when starting the second side of a neckline. I recall that you need to note down the pattern row you are on when you reach the point where the knitting is divided, reset the pattern card to that row and lock it. What I can’t remember is how to run the carriage over the knitting so that the needles are selected, but the stitches don’t knit and don’t fall off the needles”.

The answer is in the instruction manual, around Pages 68 to 71. It explains, in full, what to do if you make mistakes in pattern knitting when using a punchcard and what to do to correct it. Having explained how to get the knitting back to where it needs to be, you rewind the punchcard and set the card lock lever. To select the needles you depress both PART buttons and set the CHANGE KNOB to KC. Take the carriage across with no yarn in the feeder and Position B needles are selected. Thread up, release the card and off you go again. Hope this helps!

New recruit to machine knitting

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As arthritic fingers make hand knitting a bit of a pain I find that casting on by hand and doing the rib is fine. I then add some waste knitting and put it on the machine. Have you any suggestions for websites that may be able to help? Many thanks for your interesting magazine and I find the Starting Over articles very helpful Cheers, Christine Steptoe

Hi Christine

Welcome to machine knitting.

You will need to look for patterns which use a thicker yarn than 4ply to accommodate the size you want to knit.

This website has many patterns for different gauge machines:

The patterns are sorted according to gauge mid-gauge being marked with an M. Some of the patterns for bulky/chunky may also knit up well on your machine.

Once you have become used to the tensions and sizing you will be able to adapt patterns by knitting a tension swatch and using the measurements from the diagrams printed in MKM to work out how mny stitches and rows you need to knit.

Kind regards Sue

Sue P
2016-08-23 13:50:28
Hi Christine

Regarding the 4ply patterns needing more needles than you have you could knit the back in two halves and join them with mattress stitch for an invisible join.

Hope this helps Sue

Sue P
2016-08-26 15:30:03

Toyota needles

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Does anyone know if any standard gauge needles will fit it? Thanks for any help. Linda

Hi Linda

You might find some on Ebay. BSK often list machine needles there.

Also some people have tried Brother standard gauge needles in their Toyota 901 machines and find they make a good substitute.

Hope this helps Sue

Sue P
2016-08-23 13:53:47

Single motifs

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I have recently brought my Knitmaster 321 out of retirement and wish to re-educate myself on the art of single motifs. Is there a knitting club or someone in the Croydon area who could help, please?

This might help:

Also check ‘Clubs’ in ‘Directory’ under ‘Contents’ above; there might be a club you could contact that is not too far away from where you live.

Kind regards

Sue P
2016-06-24 08:16:18

Making up a sideways cardigan

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I’ve knitted the beautiful stripped sideways cardigan from the May issue. However, I’m really struggling to make sense of the making up. Is anyone able to help me? Many thanks in advance.

Start by laying the piece out flat right side uppermost then fold the cast on and cast off edges in towards the centre at the armhole shaping. This will show you where to stitch for the shoulders. Now stitch the ends of the rows on the widest parts together for the collar. Stitch the collar to the back neck you will have to stretch it to make it fit. Sew the sleeve seams pin into the armholes and stitch in place.
Hope this helps fit ‘the jigsaw’ together Sue
Sue P
2016-05-26 17:26:16
That’s fantastic thank you.
2016-05-26 18:50:00

Tension problem

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On a tension square which produces 20 stitches to 20 cm, which scale should I use in the KL-116 – or is it not possible? Any help would be gratefully received.
Thanks, Lesley

The Brother chunky KH 260 came with a set of scales for use with the Knitleader. If you do not have them try the advertisers in MKM or sometimes they are advertised on eBay.
Sue P
2016-05-13 19:09:28

Knitmaster Needles

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Hello fellow knitters
I have been given a Knitmaster 700 and the needles all seem to have a deposit on them from the ancient ‘manky’ sponge bar. It doesn’t seem like rust and is only where they touched the sponge bar. I’ve tried the surgical spirit and oil soak and spraying them with Gunk degreaser (seen on Xena’s website). If I had many hours and patience I might be able to scrape it off all 200 needles, but would rather use a solvent if possible. Any ideas? Thanks for any help, Lyn

Hi Lyn

Petrol might do it but don’t bring it indoors! You might have to resort to doing each needle individually as when they are clean you need to wipe each one with a cloth with couple of drops of oil on it and check all the latches.

Hope you manage to clean them all


Sue P
2016-01-09 13:53:22
Thanks Sue I’ll try that. I’d like to sort it out so I can pass it on in good condition. I have cleaned up the needles from an old Knitmaster 360 machine I started restoring last year which will fit it in the meantime so I can check everything else is working. Lyn
2016-01-09 15:52:56