Weight control

Dear Anne

I use quite a lot of fine yarns and always had difficulty winding ‘half of a large cone’ equally. Now I pop the large cone onto my kitchen scales, halve the number of grams and then wind off until the large cone weighs the smaller number. This way I finish up with two equal cones, give or take an odd bit. It’s also really useful for the lovely patterns we have from Alison Dupernex, when she says ‘about 100g’. At this time in my life I feel really daft, as my scales were always in the kitchen for weighing food, not in my knitting room. To be honest, I bought them ages ago when I was going to slimming club each week and never got the hang of using them properly. Now they’re in my knitting room. I just pop on an empty cone then ‘zero’ the scales to have a really good idea how much of an oddment of yarn is on a cone. Yours sincerely, Margaret (who never did make it to slimmer of the week!)

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