Black hole

Dear Anne

At the moment I’m knitting a black cardigan and have decided to make horizontal buttonholes. My eyesight isn’t too good, so I experimented with the awkward row where I have to transfer the stitch from Needle 2 to Needle 1, then return both stitches to Needle 2. The next step is the difficult part for me on black wool, lifting the stitch from the first needle over the second stitch to form a new stitch. I’ve found it easier to put Needle 1 of the buttonhole into holding position, take the stitch from Needle 2 and slip it in the hook of Needle 1. All that needs to be done then is to take Needle 1 back into working position to form a new stitch, then transfer this new stitch to Needle 2. It sounds very complicated but it’s much easier to do. Best wishes Rhona in Edinburgh

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